Revolutionizing Insurance Processes: Our Triumph at Bima Manthan

Digital Transformation in Insurance Industry


We are thrilled to announce our recent triumph at Bima Manthan, a nation-wide initiative by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI), supported by the Government of India. Our victory signifies a significant milestone in the comprehensive digitization of vital insurance processes. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for the overwhelming messages of congratulations and curiosity that we have received.

Unveiling the Problem Statement and Our Innovative Approach

At AiBorne, we firmly believe that the key to efficient business operations lies in the implementation and adherence of underlying core SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures). With a focus on digital transformation, we identified an area that demanded improvement—the insurance claim and pre-inspection process in the motor, health, and other domains.

During the Bima Manthan event, we successfully addressed the SOPs for fraud mitigation in motor insurance. Leveraging our innovative no-code platform, we swiftly understood and digitized the core business SOPs for this specific use case. To enhance the process further, we incorporated our own AI technology powered by computer vision-based deep learning models. This enabled automatic video and image assessments, significantly streamlining the identification of potential frauds. The manual and repetitive nature of this task has been eliminated, resulting in a more efficient and effective motor claim/pre-inspection process.

Celebrating Recognition and Collaboration

We are truly grateful for the recognition our team has received on this prestigious platform. We also would like to extend our congratulations to and express our gratitude to the India Insurtech Association for bringing this incredible opportunity to our attention.


Our triumph at Bima Manthan signifies a remarkable milestone in the digitization of insurance processes. At AiBorne Tech, we remain committed to revolutionizing the industry through our innovative solutions. We express our gratitude to all our well-wishers and look forward to continually driving operational excellence in the digital era. To learn more about how we can quickly digitize and consolidate your daily operation SOPs into your own custom application ecosystem, schedule a meeting with us here : Request Demo

Digital transformation has been a cornerstone of our success. Our commitment to revolutionizing business SOPs (operation checklists) through technology has led us to develop our own no-code platform that now is being utilized across multiple sectors : hospitality, construction, insurance, automotive, leasing, resellers, rentals, oil & gas providers, and more. Now in under 15 mins, our clients streamline their operations, supercharge their efficiency, and stay ahead of the curve.

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